Facebook to begin tracking posts for advertisers

Facebook is preparing to start tracking posts to target ads to users, the social media agency Media Lab has confirmed.

The social network announced its plans for tracking ads in a blog post earlier this month, and now the tech giant is moving forward with the plans, according to the blog post.

Users on Facebook will be able to create and track individual ad campaigns to target users in a single post, or they will be presented with ad groups in which users can choose to opt in or out of the tracking, Media Lab wrote.

Facebook has been working on a program to enable advertisers to target their content directly to Facebook users.

Previously, advertisers could target ads in the ad groups for Facebook users but would have to do so through the Facebook app, where the ads would be displayed.

However, this approach has been criticized by critics of Facebook’s use of the platform to target its users, who have been subject to the social network’s policies.

Facebook has also faced a slew of complaints from the advertising industry, who say that the social platform has made it easier for advertisers to bypass privacy settings and manipulate the ads it displays to users.

As part of its efforts to bring advertising to the platform, Facebook is looking to create a separate tab for targeted ads for users who opt out of its ads.

In the coming weeks, Facebook will also be working on “enhancing the experience” of targeting ads to the individual user, the blog said.

Facebook also plans to begin adding ad groups and ads to individual posts on its site.

Facebook is also working on integrating the data from ads it tracks into the advertising service and will eventually release a new version of its mobile app, the company wrote.

The news comes as Facebook’s shares have risen by more than 7% over the past three weeks.