How to stop a freaky freaky mob from eating your food

When you’re in the midst of a freak mob, there are a few things you can do to stop them.

The first is to get out of the way.

The freaks will be watching, so it’s important to remain as far away as possible.

It also helps if you have a mobile phone.

As soon as you’re on the streets, try to avoid crowds.

If they get close, you’ll have to run and hide.

Try to avoid the doors to your vehicle and get as far from them as you can.

You can also try to get a better view of the freaks.

Make sure you can see them with your eyes.

You can find them by looking out windows.

You’ll have a better chance of spotting a freaks if you can get out quickly and run away.

If you do get a glimpse of one, make sure you leave before it gets close.