What do you know about the dirty mo media?

The Dirty Mo Media article By The Associated PressPublished Mar 04, 2018 08:51:53After a tumultuous start to 2018, some of the country’s biggest political stories are looking more like an episode of The Sopranos than anything else.

The news has gotten worse in the months since the election of Donald Trump, with multiple investigations into the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia and other countries.

And the revelations about the FBI and Justice Department’s investigation into the possible ties between the Trump administration and the Russian government are only likely to add to the national debate.

The political news on social media and elsewhere is littered with tales of what people think about the Trump presidency, how it’s changing things in the United States and what they think about what the president is doing.

The Associated Press has compiled a rundown of what’s happening around the country, with a particular focus on the most popular stories.

There are a few notable trends to keep an eye on, though.

While there’s not a lot of reporting on Trump, there are some stories that are worth tracking:The president has not been shy about criticizing media outlets, and the president’s tweets have been a constant source of commentary in the news cycle.

In fact, the president has criticized media outlets for not covering him better.

The AP also has compiled some of what the media has said about Trump.

Some of the most prominent coverage in 2018 came on a Sunday morning episode of ABC’s This Week.

The hosts of the show, John Dickerson and Martha Raddatz, had a question about what it was like to live in a country where everyone is on social justice and equal rights.

One woman who had grown up in the country but now lives in another country said she thought that if she could be more involved in politics, it would be because she wanted to.

“There are still so many things we have to fight for,” said the woman, who declined to give her name.

“We still have a lot to fight.”

A lot of people don’t like what’s going on in the world, the host of this week’s show said.

But they also think there are a lot more good people than bad people.

The president and the media are not always in sync.

The president is very vocal, and there’s a lot at stake.

The media, particularly the left-leaning outlets, are not as vocal.

The Democrats are not talking about it, the left wing media isn’t talking about the president.

And the president and some of his allies are saying it’s a conspiracy, that this is all some sort of far-left plot.

That hasn’t stopped Trump from tweeting about it.

On Thursday, the White House called the media “fake news,” but the president did not take the time to specifically say he was upset by the media coverage of him.

He did not mention ABC, NPR or CNN.

A few other notable stories of 2018 involved Trump, the media and a number of Republicans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Some in the media were upset about how the president treated Ryan, saying that he didn’t give the speaker a fair shake, especially after Ryan voted against a spending bill to fund the government and did not support Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord.

A lot more coverage of the media’s coverage of Trump this year has been on Fox News, but it’s not clear whether Fox is doing much to influence the president or is just using it as a platform for other stories.

Fox News has done a lot for Trump this election year, said Sean Hannity, who hosts Fox News Sunday.

And he’s been able to use that to his advantage by giving Trump coverage that wasn’t on the networks.

But there are also some issues that he’s had to deal with, and it’s just going to be more of the same as he goes forward, Hannity said.

In general, there’s been a lot less attention paid to the Trump-Russia story than the president himself has, said Adam Shaw, a political science professor at Ohio State University.

The media has a lot invested in it, Shaw said.

It’s very, very hard for a president to not be able to rely on a lot that the media does to inform his policies, so it’s very difficult to say that the coverage has not done more for him than the coverage himself has done.

The president is trying to keep the focus on Russia, but he’s also trying to shift attention from the Russia scandal to other issues, Shaw added.