When you want to feel like a superstar, make it a Facebook post

People love to share their best moments and make their Instagram posts feel more authentic.

But what if you want your post to feel more personal?

What if you could make your Facebook post feel like the person you really are?

Well, now you can, thanks to a new Facebook feature called “Social Media Moments.”

This new feature lets you share photos of your Facebook status updates with friends and fans.

When you do, it shows your Facebook account as your real life photo.

It even gives you the ability to share the full post on Facebook with your friends.

Here’s how it works.

When a Facebook user likes your post The “like” button appears in your status updates.

You can then share the photo and share the message, like or comment.

The post shows up on your friends’ status updates and the people who liked it.

This is an instant post that your friends can see.

If they liked it, they can see it on their friends’ timelines.

If not, they get a notification.

If your Facebook friends are on a team, they will also see your post.

They can also add the post to their profile or add the full status update to their own profile.

When your post reaches 20K people or more, you get a “love” button, which lets you comment on your Facebook posts.

You then get a Facebook notification on your status update.

You get a post that will appear in the “friends” feed, your timeline, and in the comments section of all your posts.

This creates an instant, authentic connection with your Facebook fans.

How to share your best moments When you share a photo with someone, you can choose to share it to the entire Facebook community.

Or, you could only share the image with your fans, or to people who have liked your post, so the rest of your fans can see the post.

This will show up in your “friends list” section of your status page.

To share a status update, simply click the “Share” button in your Facebook profile.

You will then see a “Like” button next to your status post.

Once you have shared your status, you will see the person’s Facebook friends list, and the status will show on the friend’s profile.

This shows your status as the person they actually are.

If you want a status like, you have to like the post, and then the person will see it in their status feed.

When sharing a status, make sure you do not share the post on your profile or share it with anyone else.

Just keep it to yourself.

You may want to include a link to your Instagram post in your post so it shows up in everyone’s status feed, too.

Facebook can also show you your followers’ posts when you share your status.

These can also be shown on the status page of a fan, fan page, or friend.

When people share your posts, it also lets you send a message to your fans or friends.

This includes “like”, “comment”, and “like again” buttons.

You see this as a way for your fans and friends to connect.

Facebook users can now also add a link in their posts to your Facebook page.

This way you can show your fans that you are still around, even if they are away from Facebook.

When someone likes your status If your status is liked by someone who likes your Facebook photos, it will also show up on their timeline and in their comments.

Facebook allows people to choose to have their status posted or not posted.

For example, if you are liked by 5 people, your status will be posted.

If no one likes it, your post will be deleted.

Facebook is not tracking who likes what status updates, and you can always disable the feature if you like a status you don’t want others to see.

For more on how Facebook works, check out our article on how to share status updates to your followers.

How Facebook posts feel like you If you are posting a status to your own profile, you should consider including a “like”.

This will make your status look more like your real-life photo.

When posting to Facebook, you might notice the status icon changes to show the post is “liked” by someone.

If this happens, you probably have a good chance of getting a “likes” button.

This button will open up your status feed and show you the person who liked your status on Facebook.

You might want to use the “like the post” button to add the person to your “liking list” or add them to your friend list.

When they do, they also get a small “like button” that shows up when they post their status.

Facebook also allows people who share your post “like your friends”.

This lets them see the status update even if their Facebook friends don’t like it.

If Facebook is tracking who shares your status (like, comment, and like again), you can also block this feature