How to watch the Rangers-Blues game live on TSN (and elsewhere) on Sunday

It’s a Monday night in November, and the Rangers and Blues are sitting at home, preparing for their playoff series.

In their previous meeting, the Rangers beat the Blues 3-2 on Saturday.

This time, the Blues are back in the East finals, this time against the Chicago Blackhawks.

So it’s time to find out what’s up with the two teams, and what the playoffs will bring.

The Rangers’ goalie is getting a bit nervous.

He doesn’t know when the game will start, or what’s going to happen at the end.

So he sits in a booth at the Blue Jackets’ practice rink, reading a hockey game book.

He has two notebooks, each with its own schedule, stats, and scorers.

It’s just a little bit like watching a film.

The coach walks by, and stops him.

He says he has a question for the goalie.

He goes to the bookshelf and pulls out a few titles: The Last Game, The Last Night, The First Game.

“What does this book say?” he asks.

The goalie says, “The Last Game.”

He takes out the book and reads.

“We’re going to be playing for a spot in the first round of the playoffs.”

That was the game book the Rangers gave him.

The team didn’t win the series, but the goalie says he was impressed by what the team did.

“The coach told me, ‘You have to keep that book.

It says a lot about you.

You have to be very focused.

You don’t want to be too distracted by anything else.'”

In the book, he explains the series as a series between two teams.

“There are a lot of things that go into it,” the goalie said.

“But the one thing that makes it interesting is the goalie has to make that call on his own.

And he does that well.

The other teams have their own ideas.

They can come at him from all angles.”

The goalie, who is 31, says he’s still playing the game.

He’s played more than a dozen games this season.

“I’m still the goalie, and I’m still a rookie,” he said.

The goaltender says he loves the game of hockey, and his favorite part is watching the action on TV.

“You can go watch a game, and you can see all the plays and all the goals,” he explained.

“And the goalie doesn’t get to see the whole play, but he can still tell what’s happening on the ice, because he knows what’s the plan.

It feels good.

It brings back good memories for me.

It can be two teams or three teams, but I still play with my goalie, so it’s nice.” “

It’s not just one team.

It can be two teams or three teams, but I still play with my goalie, so it’s nice.”

It’s been three seasons since the Rangers were eliminated from the playoffs.

Last year, they made it in with a win in the conference finals, then lost in the Western Conference finals to the Ducks.

But this year, the team is feeling a lot better.

“This is what we have to focus on, is getting the playoffs,” said the goalie of what has been an encouraging season for the team.

“Every single night we’ve been ready to play hockey.”

The team was a playoff team before.

“They had a good year in the playoffs last year, and they had a really good year this year,” the goaltender said.

But he said he was disappointed that he didn’t get more ice time.

He played just nine games in the regular season, but that was because the team was playing without star players such as Alex Ovechkin and Kevin Shattenkirk.

The season was going so well that the Rangers won the Calder Memorial Trophy, and got to play in the Stanley Cup Final.

But they were defeated by the Chicago Red Wings in six games.

They ended up losing in six more games.

The players are feeling a little disappointed about not getting to play the game they love.

“Yeah, we have a good feeling about the year,” said Mattias Ekholm, who was a member of the 2012 Stanley Cup-winning Rangers.

“Obviously, it was the first year of the playoff, and we were a little behind.

We weren’t even the best team in the League, and there’s still a lot to learn.”

The coach was surprised by the fact that he hadn’t seen any progress in the team since last season.

The Blues coach, Alex Pietrangelo, said he’s surprised the team hasn’t been playing better.

He said he thought the team would be a lot stronger last year.

“For the last three or four years, they haven’t been good enough.

I was very surprised that they didn’t play better last year,” Pietrato said.

Pietrano said the Blues have played better than expected this