How to build an immersive media experience with Windows 10

Microsoft has been hard at work on Windows 10’s new features for a while now.

We’ve seen a number of updates to the operating system, from the ability to use Microsoft’s new Cortana voice-based interface to the ability for developers to include a media player within their games.

The biggest news has been the addition of a new immersive media platform for Windows 10.

However, a new update is also in the works for the operating, one that promises to bring the best of Windows 10 to media players.

The new platform is called Mediasound and it’s supposed to allow Windows 10 users to take advantage of Microsoft’s Windows Media Center for audio and video playback.

Microsoft has said that Mediasounds is part of the company’s plans to expand its Media Center to encompass other platforms, so this could be the next logical step.

Mediasounded will support both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, though there’s no word yet on how it will work with Windows 7.

Medisound is also expected to support some Windows 10 apps like Bing, YouTube, and the Xbox One.

Microsoft has yet to release a formal description of MediasOUND, but Microsoft is reportedly working on a Windows 10 app that will work on

Microsoft said that the app will be developed with Microsoft’s team and will allow Windows users to play and view videos and playlists from on Windows PCs.

Mediosound is expected to be available for download later this year.

Microsoft also announced that Mediosounds video playback will also be coming to Windows 10, though it’s unclear whether it will be available on Windows Phones and Xbox Ones.

Microsoft is also working on new media players for Windows, though that seems unlikely.

Microsoft will likely start releasing new media player apps for Windows later this month.