How to Get Rid of a Mass Media Conspiracy Theories

I’m going to give you some examples of Mass Media conspiracy theories I’ve heard in the past.

These are just some examples.

There are also conspiracy theories that are based on real information that is not being shared.

I’ll try to give a list of examples.

“There’s a big conspiracy going on to bring back the dinosaurs.”

“We’re being invaded by alien beings.”

“They’re going to bring the dinosaurs back into the world.”

“The Russians are invading our country.

They’re bringing the dinosaurs in with them.”

“A lot of people are going to die in a war with Russia.”

“Russia’s going to invade the US.

We’re not going to be safe.”

“China’s invading America.

We have to evacuate our country and get out of there.

The Chinese are invading.

They are going in.”

“I think there’s a huge conspiracy to bring about the Second Coming.

It’s happening right now.

The Second Coming is going to happen in the next five years.”

“These aliens are invading us and we’re not safe.

I think that the aliens are bringing the first coming back.”

“People are dying because of global warming.

We need to evacuate now.

We’ve got a chance of saving our planet.”

“This is a very serious problem.

I’m worried about our environment.

We can’t continue to pollute the environment.”

“Climate change is coming.

It could be catastrophic.

It can be catastrophic for us and our planet.

If we do nothing, we will go into a situation where we’ll be going into an ice age.”

“My daughter was raped by a dog.

She was 14 years old and she got raped by an animal.

There’s been so much misinformation about it.”

“There is a conspiracy in the mainstream media to tell the truth.

There is a vast conspiracy in mainstream media.

We live in a media bubble.”

“It’s happening, so the public needs to know about it.

People need to know that these things are happening.

I don’t think we’re living in a democracy anymore.”

“Conspiracy theories are spreading.

I’ve been a journalist for 30 years.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

“All this has been happening for so long.

It has to stop.”

“Some people are making the claim that climate change is happening.

This theory was debunked years ago.”

“Global warming is a hoax.

There was no warming for a century and a half.

I believe this to be true.”

“An alien invasion is coming.”

“If the aliens were coming in, they’re bringing them in with a very, very high-tech, highly-advanced technology.

They’ve already conquered the world.

We don’t need them anymore.

They don’t know what we’re doing.”

“Most of the world is being taken over by aliens.

We are a very peaceful people.

We were never attacked by the aliens.”

“Why do we need these aliens?

I think the aliens have come here to conquer the world, but they’re not doing it right now.”

“In the past, they have invaded the United States.

The government has been overthrown.

They have come in and taken over.

They can’t come in anymore.

The governments have to be overthrown and replaced by people that are going through this kind of indoctrination.

They just need to be educated to become citizens.

They need to have more money, they need to go to college, they should have a house, they can have a car, they want to have a home.

They want to go out and live like everybody else.

And the government should go away and just take their place.

They should not be the ones in charge of the government.”

“Every time you hear something like this, you have to remember, the government is the biggest force that’s keeping the population in a constant state of terror and fear.”

“That’s a real threat.

The whole planet is being controlled by a small group of people that have control over the entire world.

They control our media, our entertainment, our universities, our educational system.

They run the world economy.

They decide what happens in the world and they’re trying to control the world with this power.

The world is in a state of perpetual fear.

I just want you to remember that the entire planet is in the grip of this very powerful entity, which is the government.

It is the same power that controls the government and we don’t even know what that power is.

We just know that the government controls everything.

It controls our lives, it controls our careers, it control our relationships, it has control over our very existence.

There has to be democracy.” “

The only way to stop this is to have democracy.

There has to be democracy.”

“Everyone needs to wake up and be aware of what’s going on in the media.

There have been many, many false and misleading stories