How to Create the perfect Twitter story

The new version of Twitter’s media creation tools allows you to create your own Twitter stories.

These stories can then be shared with your followers.

To get started, just click on “Create a Story” on the left side of the screen, and select “Create” from the dropdown menu.

You can also create a story by tapping on the Story icon.

When you have finished, click “Send.”

The story will then appear in your feed, with a green background.

Once you have read it, tap “Share.”

Once you’ve shared it, it will show up in your timeline and a new button will appear, which will open a window with the options to share, comment, or delete the tweet.

Clicking “Share” will then take you to a new window with a “Delete Tweet” button.

If you’re a Twitter user and want to share the story in your own timeline, just tap “Done” to save it.