How much does a new mainstream media blackout cost the mainstream media?

With the mainstream news cycle under a complete blackout, the cost of a media blackout can be substantial.

According to research by The Associated Press, a total of $2.5 billion was spent by the mainstream press to cover the 2016 election.

That was more than the total cost of all the television news programs broadcast across all major U.S. media platforms from the beginning of the election until the election itself.

According the AP, a media marketer who did not want to be named told CNNMoney that there was “absolutely no way” the mainstream outlets would cover the election.

According a study conducted by the Public Interest Research Group, a nonpartisan group that tracks media bias, there are a total 17 major media companies in the U.K., which has an average daily audience of 3 million people.

Those 17 outlets covered the election from a distance of around 10 million people, meaning a total media blackout was reported to have cost a whopping $2,567,832.

The AP found that the blackout was not limited to news, as news outlets that did not report on the election also covered the blackout.

One of those news outlets, the Guardian, reported a total cost for covering the election of $1,831,000, but the AP reported that this was more in the $1.6 million range.

The cost was more dramatic when the election was over, with the Guardian spending a total $2 million on covering the event.

The blackout did not affect news outlets covering the U-turn on immigration policy, the rise of Donald Trump, the results of the Paris climate deal, the possibility of a Clinton victory or the possible end of the Republican majority in Congress.

These outlets, as well as the AP and others, said that the lack of coverage was “disturbing” because “it is a fundamental part of our democracy and it should be treated as such.”

With Trump’s election victory not being recognized by most media outlets, it has been difficult for them to cover Trump’s presidency and its impact on the press, according to a study by the Associated Press and the Public Policy Institute of California.

The study found that Trump’s inauguration was not covered by major news outlets.

It also found that there is a huge disparity in coverage of Trump among mainstream outlets, which are largely owned by the wealthy and include many liberal groups.

According it, Trump’s administration was covered by just one outlet in the top five outlets, CNN.

According Reuters, Trump received only 10 mentions on CNN during his inauguration and his first press conference in the White House.

It is unclear how many other outlets are reporting on the events surrounding Trump, but some analysts have suggested that there are more outlets covering Trump than there are outlets covering Clinton.

Some have speculated that this is because Clinton’s campaign was far more funded than Trump’s, which could have allowed her to receive more coverage.

With Trump having won the popular vote, the number of outlets covering his presidency is expected to grow significantly.

According research by the AP’s newsroom, it is likely that mainstream outlets will report on Trump’s first 100 days in office as well.