Which news outlets do you trust more?

Most Americans don’t trust CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, MSNBC’s Morning Joe, CNN’s The Lead or The Daily Show, according to a new poll. 

The survey of nearly 1,000 people conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 42 percent of Americans trust CNN more than any other news source.

That includes a majority of Republicans (55 percent), Democrats (58 percent) and Independents (56 percent). 

CNN, Fox, MSNBC and The Daily show also received high marks for being honest, fair and trustworthy. 

Pew Research found that CNN, MSNBC (including The Lead and The Morning Joe), The Daily Stormer, The Daily Caller and Infowars are all among the most trusted news sources in the country. Read more Fox News received high marks as well. 

Among the most popular news sources among Republicans, the news channel received a rating of 85 percent, while it received a majority positive rating from Democrats and independents. 

Fox is the only source of news that received a positive rating in the poll.

Fox News is considered the most “mainstream” of the major networks.

Its audience consists mostly of older white men, but it’s also home to the most loyal and loyal viewers, according to the Pew survey. 

“Fox News has a very large audience and is very popular with the general public,” said John Sides, senior director of research at Pew.

“But it’s a very hard news organization to find, and its coverage is often less accurate than other networks.”

Read moreThe poll found that the median online news outlet was Fox News with its audience of 4.6 million.

Fox was followed by CNN at 3.9 million, MSNBC at 3 million, The Wall Street Journal at 3,854, Bloomberg at 2.7 million and The New York Times at 2 million. 

 The New York Daily News had the highest percentage of news consumers saying they trust the news source to accurately report news.

CNN and MSNBC came in second and third, respectively, with 20 percent of people saying they trusted CNN to accurately write news. 

CNN was followed closely by Fox News at 6.9 percent and MSNBC at 5.7 percent. 

A majority of Americans who are online said that they trust CNN and Fox News more than other sources to report the news.

Fifty-six percent of those who are internet-connected said that CNN and Fox news outlets are more trustworthy than other outlets.

A plurality of online consumers said that the news outlets were more biased and less honest than the mainstream media.

Sides said that Fox News and CNN are the two most biased outlets in the US. 

People also said that both CNN and FOX News are more likely to make false claims about the news, such as that vaccines caused the pandemic.

Siding noted that both networks are more susceptible to political bias. 

In addition to being a more “main stream” news source, Fox has been criticized for a number of things including the fact that it is biased in favor of Donald Trump. 

President Donald Trump said last week that CNN has a “massive bias” against him, saying, “I don’t know CNN.

I’ve never seen a news story that was more biased.” 

Sides noted that Fox and MSNBC have been accused of lying about the extent of the attacks on their networks, but said that there are many other reasons for CNN and the mainstream networks to be criticized.

“The fact is, people care about news,” Sides told Fox News.

“And that’s a problem for the media.

If you want to be fair, people don’t care about the facts.

They care about ratings.

They want to hear that the network’s doing well.

They don’t want to know what’s going on in the world, so they don’t pay attention to what’s happening.

That’s a big problem. 

On Monday, CNN reported that the number of people using the news site Reddit increased by 30 percent during the weekend compared to the same time last year. 

Siding said that these numbers will only become more important as the election approaches. 

For more information, read the survey results here.