FourFour Two’s Alaskan newsroom moves to the new NewsLab

FourFourNow article TwoFourTwo, the award-winning, local newsroom of Alaska’s largest newspaper, has moved to the newly opened NewsLab in Anchorage.

The newsroom will now be operated by the Alaskans Newspaper Association (ANSA), the newsroom said in a statement Wednesday.

“The move was made to improve the quality of news and information available to the public and is expected to provide the organization with significant advantages in the short-term,” the newsgroup said.

The new News Lab, which opened in January, is expected come online in the coming weeks.

The announcement came after the group of newsrooms said in November that it had raised $25 million to expand its newsroom and hire new staff.

TwoFourNow was founded in 2007.

The group has more than 4,000 employees across Alaska and the Northwest.

The Associated Press first reported the news.