Which is better for streaming media: Netflix or Amazon?

The median household income of U.S. households is $61,300 and median household size is 2.3, according to a report released Tuesday by Nielsen.

And for streaming, the median income is $59,300 for households with an annual income of $150,000 and median size is 1.9.

The median household streaming media consumption was $19,600 for the year.

But for those who stream at least weekly, median viewing and spending per month is $17,200 and median listening time is 15 minutes, according the report.

For streaming media, the report said that for most people, the best solution is to buy more streaming media products than you currently have.

That includes a full-time streaming media streaming service and a device for streaming.

In total, the data showed that in 2017, 4.2 percent of U-rated movies and TV shows were streamed.

That was lower than the previous year’s rate of 4.6 percent and lower than 2016’s rate, which was 4.8 percent.

In 2017, about 7.3 percent of Americans watched U..

S.-produced TV shows.