How to get the most out of the upcoming NCAA tournament

The NCAA’s new tournament is upon us.

As the first of the three-game series between Duke and South Carolina, the NCAA Tournament is the biggest event of the year and the biggest money maker for the athletic department.

And while many fans want to go and enjoy the tournament in person, it is also one that most will be unable to attend.

If you can’t attend the tournament, here are some tips to make sure you get the best out of it.1.

Check the schedules for the games you want to attend to see if they’re coming to your area.2.

Make sure you have the right amount of time in your schedule to see the games.

For example, the game against Florida State will be played in late January and early February.

That is when many of us will have time to get to our respective cities and then head to work.3.

Take advantage of the freebies.

Many of the NCAA’s events require you to be present in order to enter the arena.

So be sure to take advantage of those opportunities and attend as many events as you can.4.

Consider how you can get to the event.

Most tournaments have multiple days and locations, which means that you can take advantage if you are able to arrive in person.

For some tournaments, like the Final Four, you may only be able to attend one of two days.

If that is the case, consider using a bus or getting an Uber to get you there as quickly as possible.5.

Make your reservations before the tournament.

If your school has reserved the entire campus, that will allow you to have a seat in the stands to watch the action.

You can find a list of locations on the NCAA website.6.

Keep your phone and wallet safe.

You want to make certain that the tickets you purchase for the tournament are secure.

You should always have a wallet, keys, or other valuables with you when you go to the tournament to make it more difficult for thieves to snatch your tickets.7.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Many fans are willing to share their opinion about the games they can’t or won’t be able the most.

Just be sure that you ask the right questions in the right order.

If the ticket holder asks you if you want an autograph, you can say no.

If someone asks you for an autographed poster, you should not say no to them.

This can lead to a very awkward situation.8.

If all else fails, do some research.

You may have heard about the NCAA tournaments in the past, but this time around, you will have the opportunity to watch some of the most exciting games in college basketball history.

And it will be worth the wait.