Why are Twitter users calling for a boycott of Vox Media?

I’m not sure what to make of the sudden pushback.

Vox Media’s decision to cancel their upcoming Milo Yiannopoulos book tour, in conjunction with the Milo Yiannopoulos controversy that has rocked the alt-right, is a very strange and unfortunate decision.

It seems like Vox Media is taking a stand against a hateful, authoritarian ideology that has caused so much damage and pain to so many people and communities.

They’re not trying to promote or endorse this hateful ideology.

The book tour was canceled after Yiannopoulos told attendees that he was going to be physically attacked by anti-Trump protestors.

I’m sure they would rather focus on other things, like their job, and their children.

But that’s not what they are doing.

They are choosing to prioritize the welfare of their own corporate sponsors over the welfare and safety of people like me, the marginalized members of the alt right.

Vox has been one of the most influential media outlets in the alt left, and they are standing with the alt white nationalist movement.

They should not be allowed to use their platform to promote this toxic ideology.

If the alt alt right were really concerned about the health of their advertisers and their employees, they would have stood up against Milo Yiannopoulos and the alt leftist movement for years.

Instead, they are now doing the opposite.

This is a deeply shameful situation for Vox Media and its CEO, Matt Chorost, and it is unfortunate that Vox Media seems to be taking the sides of a group that they have been actively trying to ostracize.

Vox needs to stand with the marginalized communities of the Alt Right, not take sides with them.

Milo Yiannopoulos is an obnoxious, hateful and hateful man who is doing exactly what he believes in.

He is spreading hate and violence that is not only targeting women, people of color, people with disabilities, and people with religious and racial beliefs.

Milo’s speech at UC Berkeley on February 15, 2017 is one of his most infamous events, and the Alt-Right has been deeply affected by the violent rhetoric he espouses.

Vox and its executives are not the first mainstream media outlet to take a stand on the Milo issue.

Breitbart News, Vox Media, and other mainstream media outlets have done so, as have many other progressive news organizations.

Milo and his cohorts have also taken to social media to attack people of other races and ethnicities.

Milo has also been attacked by many of the very same groups that Milo is trying to distance himself from, including the Alt Left.

Vox’s decision was a clear, conscious decision to stand up for marginalized people, including women, queer and trans people, and those with disabilities.

Vox is clearly not interested in protecting the lives of people who are at risk for physical violence from Milo and the far right, and are instead trying to use Milo’s public speaking to promote the ideas of a toxic ideology that they do not support.

Vox should not have taken a stand that would further marginalize marginalized communities and their allies.

Milo should not even be allowed in the United States of America.

I applaud Vox Media for standing up to Milo.

But the decision to ban Milo from the alt media world, and to boycott Vox Media products, is an abdication of responsibility for the actions of the company.

I am not surprised that Vox’s board would be so quick to throw Milo under the bus.

I expect Vox to continue to defend Milo and to support him when he tries to return to the United Kingdom.

Milo is an absolute disgrace and he should not ever be allowed anywhere in the US, and I will continue to support Milo and all the other alt right activists that are in this fight.

Matt Choreost, CEO, VoxMedia Matt Choroost is the CEO and co-founder of VoxMedia, a major media company with nearly 100 million users and over 100 million daily page views.

VoxMedia has been a pioneer in the progressive publishing and news ecosystem for over a decade, and Matt has dedicated his life to helping the digital media industry grow.

He founded Vox, which launched its first website, VoxHQ, in 2010, and was named the #1 News and Information Publisher in the world in 2012.

Matt is also the Executive Chairman of the American Conservative Union, and has been an active member of the Republican Party for decades.

Matt has been outspoken in his opposition to Trump, and in his support for women, immigrants, Muslims, and marginalized groups.

Matt and his wife, Lauren, have three children and a daughter, Emily.

They live in Santa Monica, California.

Follow Matt on Twitter @MattChorost.