How to get your team to the postseason with your analytics

A lot of the things that made the Giants’ 2016 Super Bowl run a great run are still around, but they have also come a long way from when they were the worst team in the league and ranked 23rd in the NFL.

It all starts with analytics.

This year, the Giants will be going through a very similar process with their analytics department.

For one thing, they will be focusing on two things: The number of sacks and the yards per attempt.

The number of times a quarterback is sacked is a way of gauging his ability to throw the ball downfield and make big plays.

It’s a little bit like the number of points scored in a playoff game.

If you throw more points in a game, you’re a better team.

So, the first metric is obviously sacks, but you’ll also see that in this year’s Giants defense that’s also the number that matters.

There’s also going to be some statistical data, which will be used to gauge whether a team is winning games and is getting good results out of their players.

And they’re also going into the game thinking, “We’re going to win.”

That’s one of the big reasons why the Giants have been able to keep winning.

As far as yards per carry, the number one metric is the number a team gets for the number they run.

That’s where you see a lot of teams who have been really good at running have struggled in the past.

The Giants have a lot to gain from taking this into account, and it will be interesting to see how it translates to this year.

It is going to come down to how effective the offense is.

They have to be able to throw it deep and not let it be picked off, but the Giants were able to get yards per rush to go along with having some very effective running backs, so the running backs will have a huge role to play.

You can’t really get too far ahead of yourself on this one, but if you want to see a team that has been so good at the passing game that it’s gotten to the point where you can actually put them in a position to win a Super Bowl, the Chargers have to improve that aspect of their game, too.

That will help them compete.

It’s going to take time for this to play out, but it’s going be fun to watch this season.

We’re also seeing the first signs of the kind of change that has happened with the defensive line.

The defensive line in Oakland has been very good.

The players have worked really hard and they’ve been able get the best out of each other, which has been a major difference between the last two seasons.

The Chargers will need to continue to improve and to get some of their defensive linemen better to help this group win games.

They’ve been one of those teams where it really was all about chemistry.

There’s been a lot about chemistry at the defensive end position.

I’m not sure how much it has to do with having the right players around them, but there’s a lot there.

It was a big reason why the Raiders were able in 2016 to get to the playoffs.

They had great players around each other.

This year, they’ve had some issues.

They’ve had a lot more injuries and a lot less chemistry.

That makes it a lot harder to win games with.

I don’t think you’ll see the same kind of success for them.